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Technicians receive hands on training on how to conduct the most common electric motor conditions testing and how to identify issues before they result in unplanned downtime.

Hands-On Experience: Our training sessions are designed to provide practical, hands-on experience


Immediate Application: The skills learned can be immediately applied, leading to improved efficiency and reduced downtime in your operations.


  • Electric Motor Theory 

  • Off-line Conditions Testing

  • Lock-Out-Tag-Out Practices

  • Common Motor Failure Patterns

  • How to Properly Identify & Connect Motors

  • How to Use A Megger

  • How to Understand & Accurately Test Motor Windings

  • Electric Motor Troubleshooting

  • Electric Motor Safety Practices

  • Navigating Resources

  • How to Properly Test Feeder Cables

  • How to Test Transformers

Why Choose Our Training?

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Lower Employee Turnover

76% of employees are looking for opportunities to expand their careers.


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Less Unplanned Downtime

Optimal maintenance can reduce machine downtime by 30%-50%


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Increased Equipment Lifespan

Optimal maintenance practices can increase machine lifespan by 20%-40%


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