If you’ve ever seen a company pay for major repairs and then in six months their equipment is already shot, the reason can often be traced back to improper installation coupled with lack of preventive, predictive and corrective maintenance.


At Ace Electric Motor & Pump Company, our predictive analysis and corrective maintenance tools and practices assure you get maximum reliability and cost-effective operation from all your electric motors and pumps.

Ace delivers state-of-the-art tools and technology and professional in-the-field services directly to you on-site to keep your operations running cost-effectively and reliably 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. 


We help you manage your operations for optimal performance by staging your preventive maintenance in three phases:  


• Predictive Measurement and Analysis, including vibration analysis and thermography, and static and online motor testing   


• Corrective Adjustment and Repair, including dynamic balancing and laser shaft alignment   


• Periodically Scheduled Routine Maintenance, including expert training for your staff

Our service teams take measurements of the forces affecting your equipment that allow us to help you create a game plan for proactive repair and maintenance. That means your equipment maintenance program and machinery run more efficiently.


And that in turn provides you with energy savings, longer bearing and apparatus life and reduced damage to equipment and apparatus as well as the prevention of many other potentially expensive problems.

Ace Electric Motor Company actively seeks out the latest and best technology and practices and does whatever it takes to help keep our customers operations running reliably. Our Vibration Analysis and Thermography services are an example of the kind of industry-leading support you can expect from us.


Vibration-2The two main things that wear out and break down rotating machinery are heat and vibration.

With the predictive data we provide for you, you’ll have options for planning maintenance and repairs in advance. This proactive approach to maintenance helps you avoid emergency projects, unscheduled downtime and expensive repairs.

When repairs and maintenance are planned in advance, costs – and stress on you and your staff – can be drastically reduced.


Our dynamic balancing services cover all types of rotating apparatus. Excessive vibration in rotating machinery can cause unwanted levels of noise and vibration. If allowed to continue, it can result in rough operation, premature bearing wear, potential structural damage, equipment inefficiency, and potentially, the failure of the equipment itself.


The effects of excessive vibration can prove to be quite costly in terms of equipment repair and downtime, as we’ve discovered from our experience with the hundreds of customers we’ve worked with since 1952.

Our computerized dynamic balancing eliminates excessive wear and tear on equipment. It removes excess vibration, and it balances forces in the rotating components of your equipment, allowing it to run more efficiently, with greater reliability, and for longer periods of time.


Balancing reduces excess vibration resulting in significant cost and time savings by decreasing the potential for downtime as well as increasing the length of time between repairs and maintenance.


EZLASER-2When the centers of co-linear rotating shafts get out of alignment, even a .002 of an inch (the thickness of a piece of paper) misalignment, can cost many thousands of dollars in reduced bearing life and electricity usage. It’s not uncommon to see an 800% increase in costs, caused even by the slightest misalignment.


Ace Electric Motor Company invests heavily in the latest technology to help you sidestep the double whammy of wasted energy and unnecessary and costly repairs.

For instance, we use a specialized vibration analyzer to diagnose any potential current or future problems. Then with our laser shaft alignment tool we can often correct a situation before it starts costing your operations.


Another area where misalignment can occur is when fastening large electric motors and pumps to an uneven surface. Even if just one foot is not perfectly aligned, tightening the fasteners can deform the shell of the motor, causing it to shake, run hot, suck up electricity, and wear out far ahead of even a normal life cycle.


Again, our field technicians can help you avoid this with our soft foot corrective tool, sensitive to as little as .0005 of an inch. This can make a big difference in electric motor and pump life and energy consumption over time.


DSC01369When larger electric motors and pumps heat up, they actually get bigger and can change shape. And when that happens, shaft alignment becomes a problem. At 1800 rpms, excessive wear and tear can occur, even with normal tolerances. But at twice that speed, the cumulative damage and energy loss climbs a massive exponential curve, even for the slightest variances.


To stay ahead of costly repairs and downtime, it’s critical to measure, analyze and calculate for temperature changes – or what’s known as “thermal compensation”. This is one of the field services we provide you with.



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