Melvin Gutsche spent 18 years in the electric motor industry and had a tremendous passion for what he did, so in 1952 he purchased the electric motor division from Heild Electric and founded Ace. He set out on a mission to serve the central valley. Melvin had been running the company for more than 20 years and successfully completed the repair of thousands of motors and pumps when in 1970 he decided to bow out due to health reasons. His youngest son lance, who had begun working at the shop at the early age 6, took the reins at 28 years old in 1970 as operations manager then in 1976 he purchased the company from his father. Lance was committed to his father’s vision for creating an exceptional product which began a more than 34 year love affair with the company his father founded.

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Lance continued the traditions his father created until April of 2010 when lance decided to retire to spend more time with his family. He sold the company to his then operations manager, Josh Iris, who immediately begin reinvesting into and modernizing the facility. Ace now has more than 13 passionate and performance oriented team members who are committed to growing, learning and innovating every day while still continuing the traditions and values set into motion so many years ago.


"To Improve the Way of Life For Millions of People ... Silently"

What we believe (core values)



  • Integrity – having the courage and commitment to provide honest and innovative solutions

  • Reliability – we are committed to excellent, consistent and dependable results

  • Contribution – our success is not defined by mere profit alone, but by learning and empowering each other and our communities.

  • Fun – we are committed to having a team who aligns with our core values, if you love what you do fun is a by product

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