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I was born in San Diego, CA and moved to Stockton in 1987. I’ve been in this line of work for 7 years. I am the proud father of 3 boys.

I like the comradery  at work, we are like a family. Making a difference in the lives of others, being able to get someone who is in a jam out of the jam and getting them back on line and making money is what I like most about my job.

For fun I like shooting, fishing, barbecuing and spending time with my family. My driving force at work is contributing to the growth of the company, taking a project that appears to be a no win situation and getting a win situation. Performing under pressure.




I have been here at Ace for almost three years now and my only regret is not finding Josh sooner. My work is done at the office as an inside salesmen where I spend my time quoting jobs and working in Customer Service. The best feeling is achieving above and beyond your personal expectations. I learned to appreciate the outgoing staff who are there with you every step of the way. Not only have I grown in my work but working here at Ace I have grown as a person. When I am not working I LOVE vacationing at the Disneyland Resort down in LA. It brings back many fond memories of my childhood; as well as creating some of my own with my family. I am a proud father of two, both kids extremely different but special in their own way. My only hope for them is that they follow their dreams and go into a line of work and Love it as I do with my job.




I was introduced to electric motors in 1965 by my father who founded R&M Electric Motor Service, San Francisco in 1949. He purchased an extra coil winding machine so he could wind stators at home and I could earn extra money making coils for him. In 1965 I was officially put on the company payroll then purchased the company from my father in 1978 and retired it 2013.

Most folks collect coins, stamps, baseball cards, paintings, etc, I chose to collect Electric Motor Data which I still do today. The collection started on a 3 by 5 index card then was transferred to a computer data base. It has grown close to 370,000 records of San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California Electric Motors.

I joined Ace Electric Motor Company in October of 2013 and I have learned how much different the motors are here in the Central Valley, so my collection continues to grow.

Like a Picture puzzle, the fit has been perfect for Ace Electric and me, with the advanced repair capabilities and state of the art equipment at Ace and my 52 years of experience and history with motor replacement we make the perfect team.

In addition to having a great job at Ace, I'm fortunate enough to have a loving wife, great son and daughter and four wonderful grandchildren. I love spending my free time with them.




I was born in French camp, raised in Stockton on the east side of town. I’m a proud Stocktonian. I have 4 children the oldest being 22, youngest only 2 and the other two are 12 and 13 years old. I am a hardworking family man that values giving them a good life.

My hobbies include watching movies, BBQing and taking my kids to do thing they have never done before. I got into the machining repair industry in 2008. I have been working side by side with the CEO of Ace since 2006.


I started working at Ace in 2008 sweeping floors and cleaning shop and running errands but I wanted more. So, I got out of my comfort zone and learning more things about the trade. I cut my teeth doing pool pumps and small motors, it came to me almost naturally. Finally, I was good at something I liked doing.

I gained certificates in mechanical repair and pump repair fundamentals and root cause failure analysis to get more education on the tech (some taken twice). I also flew out to Dayton Ohio for a professional sales training course to better assist and serve our customers. I’ve also educated myself with online course in effective speaking, reading the 360-degree leader by Dell Conager and the Principle of Winning. I pride myself in continuous improvement. My goal is to become the most valued and respected member of the team and to also operate with homely and integrity. 




Growing up in Mexico with Eleven siblings can be a little challenging but I spent my time fishing, feeding animals and riding horses. When I was eighteen I came to America to start a new life. I took a huge interest in fixing things and love how that is my line of work here at work. The co-owner brought me in about five years ago and I would not dream of leaving. Ace is truly the best, here you are guaranteed to learn and grow not only at the company but within yourself. Without a doubt I would recommend Ace




Growing up I had a great life and an even better future. I am a proud father of three girls and one son. I have been married for twenty years and counting and love my family to pieces. My second home is definitely Ace, I have been here for Eighteen years. love the environment and my line of work. No one can rewind a motor like good ol' Matt. Here your going to find a good future, a lovable family, and lifelong friends. I think to myself and say, Ace isn't just a job to me, it's my passion.




I have been doing outside sales for about 19 years.  I sold flooring through college.  I graduated with my electronics degree in 1997.  I have sold electronic signs, Exxon Mobil products and now Motors & Pumps. 



Finding my work family here at Ace Electric Motor & Pump has been one of the biggest blessing in my already blessed life. Taking care of my customers is what I thrive to do.  Here at Ace Electric Motor & Pump We all have the same goals.  We are a strong team that will stop everything to help you get up and running again.  I could not ask for a more reputable company to represent. 












I find I am a really good at solving problems. Something about finding solutions to all the crazy requests really satisfies me. Outside of work, I am a father to two beautiful little girls. Seeing them blossom into the amazing kids that they are today really warms my heart. I enjoy long motorcycle rides, camping and traveling with my family. I love This team and company and I am so grateful to see the impact we are making. I was introduced to Ace at the age of fifteen. Little did I know, I would be buying the company 15 years later. Since that day we have grown from 3 of us to an team of 22 and still growing. Here at Ace we call it the biggest Industry no one has ever heard of. If it wasn't for what we do, people would not be able to live the standard of life as we know it.