Precision Machine Shop Services


p1Your uptime is critical and with rotating equipment, precision machining is paramount!


Ace Electric has a complete machine shop, almost any mechanical repairs to be done faster, to correct specs and in-house.


With a modern machine shop and dedicated team you will get high quality standards that insure long term reliability and still fits within your budget.


Unscheduled downtime costing you money?

Download our free report and learn how to avoid the 6 biggest killers to you motors.

You deserve a team that is committed to high standards of repair with the least amount of down time!

With our 24 hour a day, 7 day a week emergency services you can rest assured that Ace Electric will be there when you need us most with personal, quality service.

At Ace Electric we our commitment to you is “Less Downtime, More Uptime, Guaranteed!

Machine shop services include
  • 24 hour emergency service

  • Bearing housing repair

  • Shaft and journal repair

  • Metal spraying

  • Computerized dynamic balancing

  • Pump and blower repair

  • Impeller repair and trimming

  • Boring and broaching

  • Custom shafts/OEM replacements

  • MIG and TIG welding

  • Shaft and component remanufacturing

  • Precision Machining

Dynamic Balancing

Precision dynamic balancing extends drastically extends the rotating apparatus life and helps you eliminates many problems before they occur.

You need your rotating equipment to be reliable and last. Excessive vibration in rotating machinery can cause unwanted levels of noise and vibration.

If allowed to continue, it can result in rough operation, premature bearing wear, potential structural damage, equipment inefficiency, and potentially the failure of the equipment itself. These could prove to be quite costly in equipment repair and down time.

Ace Electric Motor Co. keeps you ahead of premature failures and costly downtime by removing the out-of-balance force that causes the vibration which will eventually lead to failure.

At Ace Electric our balancing standards far exceed NEMA standards. Our balancing can be performed both in-house, and on-site. Our commitment to you is to keep your equipment running longer and producing more.

Balancing Services For…
  • Cooling Fan balancing

  • Squirrel Cage Fans balancing

  • Pump Impeller balancing

  • Shaft, Pulley and Coupling balancing

  • Rotor balancing

  • Prop balancing

  • Centrifuge balancing

  • Gear and Gear Shaft balancing

  • Polishers and Rollers balancing

  • Armature balancing

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